AA-ISP Webinar: How to Build and Scale a Winning Sales Team

Author: Evan Santa, Vidyard
Posted: March 5th, 2020

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Whether you are building a new team or growing a veteran team, the challenges can be a bit daunting! AA-ISP and Vidyard have come together to provide you with a 30-minute quick-hit interactive webinar where Evan will share 4 different areas you can focus on to quickly and efficiently build or scale a sales team. 

Areas covered include:

  • Hiring: Ideas for improving your process and identifying what kind of seller your organization needs
  • Onboarding: What this process really means, how long it should be, and how this affects the performance of your reps long term
  • Sales Process: How to build one and why your sales process might be out of date
  • Better Conversations: How to better optimize conversations to align your customer to their customer

Who should attend:

This is open to anyone who is looking to build a team or improve the processes of your current sales force!


Evan Santa, Sales Manager of Emerging Markets, Vidyard


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