Millennial Sales Coaching - 15 Tips to Build the Sales Capacity of Your Next-Gen Salesperson

Author: Danita Bye, Sales Growth Specialists
Posted: March 20th, 2020

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Millennials crave leaders who interact in a fresh way – they don’t want a boss.

In recent surveys, 79 percent say they want a mentor or a coach, someone committed to guiding their professional and personal growth. If you learn
the secret to harnessing the incredible potential that your emerging leader brings to your business, you can deal more effectively with the competitive pressures of today’s crazy sales and business environment. However, you need to strengthen your sales coaching game.

Business and sales leaders often ask me for my top tip to keep their millennial salespeople engaged and maximized. Unfortunately, there isn’t one
magic trick to create such a win-win scenario. In this eBook are my 15 top tips for you to consider to get started as you’re coaching your millennial sales leader to sell with passion and purpose.


This content has been provided by Danita Bye, Sales Growth Specialist as a complimentary resource for the Inside/Digital Sales Community in this difficult time. If you have a resource to share with the community, please reach out to!

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