Millennial Sales Hiring (& BDR) - 17 Recruiting Tips to Give Your Business the Competitive Advantage

Author: Danita Bye, Sales Growth Specialists
Posted: March 20th, 2020

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Millennial Sales Hiring Tips

17 Recruiting Tips to Give Your Business the Competitive Advantage.

One of our most important sales-growth strategies is hiring and retaining BDRs and sales pros with a specific sales acumen to accomplish your
revenue, margin or market share growth objectives.

For many businesses, the millennial perspective could provide the competitive advantage your business needs. However, there are many pitfalls on
this journey. If you do not do it right, hiring mistakes can be costly with your time, energy and money.

I hope this resource will strengthen your sales recruiting and hiring process, while eliminating these mistakes.


This content has been provided by Danita Bye, Sales Growth Specialist as a complimentary resource for the Inside/Digital Sales Community in this difficult time. If you have a resource to share with the community, please reach out to!




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