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Thursday, September 12 | 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Networking Breakfast in the Expo

Thursday, September 12 | 8:30 AM - 8:40 AM

Thursday, September 12 | 8:45 AM - 9:05 AM

How Coaching Impacts Win Rates - What AI Learned from 50 Companies that Grew >100% in FY18

Your entire sales cycle is dependent on conversations. What reps say on cold calls or meetings determines conversion rates from MQLs to SALs to Opportunities to Close Won Deals and renewals. In this world, are sales managers and leaders adopting the right coaching techniques?

Six Chorus data scientists (each a PhD) took apart billions of data sets from >4M sales conversations--from cold calls, to discovery meetings, product demos, and late stage calls --to identify what makes some sales teams more successful than others.

In this session, Roy Raanani, CEO and co-founder of will walk you through a data-driven story of what the team discovered. He will walk you through best practices in coaching and data-based decision making adopted by high-growth companies.

Roy Raanani
CEO & Co-Founder |

Thursday, September 12 | 9:05 AM - 9:25 AM

Case Study: Creating a Culture of Activity to Drive Results

During this session, Amy will cover how she has worked with teams to standardize activity metrics, such as Calls, Meetings, Opp Gen and more as a path to predictable revenue. Gaining commitment from the management team and sales reps are essential, and she will share tips for what she has found helpful in the organizations she worked with, most recently at Carbon Black.

Amy Appleyard
SVP Global Inside Sales | Carbon Black, Inc.

Thursday, September 12 | 9:25 AM - 9:45 AM

Map your Digital Transformation: an interactive session to identify where you are on your journey

Digital selling is no longer a thing of the future, it is here and now. In many cases, a key objective is to focus on and improve digital sales. Yet, according to the Harvard Business Review, as many as 70% of all change initiatives fail, which is why organizations need to think carefully about the transformation they are attempting, and to set clear objectives.

Join Lars Wold in this interactive session as he helps fellow sales leaders map their transformation journey and shares insights and pitfalls from his 18 years of experience in shaping and developing the Inside Sales function and digital sales team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Taking his experience from the enterprise arena, Wold now leads the sales organization at DialSource, helping support the digital transformation of customers and partners across a wide array of industries. This interactive session will include a workbook and discovery process to help set your organization up for success and map clear objectives along your digital transformation journey.

Lars Fredrick Wold
Senior Vice President of Sales | DialSource

Thursday, September 12 | 9:45 AM - 10:00 AM

Tool & Tech Demos

Learn from Chorus and Dialsource on how their solutions can impact your bottom line!

Thursday, September 12 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Break in the Expo!

Grab a coffee and visit with the Tech and Service Providers in the Expo Hall! DSW provides attendees the opportunity to see the latest tools impacting the performance of inside sales teams up close!

Vendor Neutral will also be onsite to help you make the best use of your time by determining the tools your organization should explore.

Thursday, September 12 | 10:30 AM - 10:50 AM

Call Camp – LIVE!

Getting your reps to change their behavior (that is, conduct their calls in a different way) is hard.

Rather than talking about it, in this session, you’ll see how to actually do it. Together we will listen to several calls which have been submitted by reps in the DSW East audience and then do live-call coaching with each of them to help them improve!

If you are a rep and would like to volunteer, OR a leader with a rep attending who would be great for this session, please email Jacquie Bigot (! The rep must be in attendance at the event. It’ll be a lot of fun, but more importantly, you’ll walk away with a game plan for how to significantly improve your or rep's skills through call coaching.

Alex Tesfamicael
Enterprise Account Executive | ExecVision
Jacquie Bigot
Enterprise Account Executive | ExecVision

Thursday, September 12 | 10:50 AM - 11:10 AM

Breakdown: The 5 Types of Discovery Questions

Discovery is the most important part of the sales process, but it's hard to get it right. The more information you uncover, the more equipped you are to win the deal. But you can only ask a handful of questions before losing your prospect's attention. This session will walk you through the five types of discovery questions and how to use them to make sure you're asking the right questions on every call.

Shawn Fowler
Vice President of Sales Enablement | SalesLoft

Thursday, September 12 | 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM

Battle of the Reps Roleplay - Audience vs Stage

Nominate your battle-ready sales rep to take the stage for all to see!

This session will bring the audience and role play nominees together to practice their sales chops! Five participants will take the stage to act out scenarios including sales prospecting push back, mid-funnel resistance, and tumultuous (stomach-turning) closing obstacles.

Volunteers from the audience will play the sales prospect who will pose different objections and buyer personas to our reps! This fun and sure to be entertaining session is not to be missed as we plan to hit you with 15 different role plays with personalized coaching and feedback to improve performance. After each participant has had a chance to overcome the objection, expert judges will provide in-the-moment feedback/coaching. Each participant will be rated on a scorecard based on:

- Energy
- Tonality
- Articulation
- Rebuttal strength
- CTA (call to action)

Ready to join us on stage? Complete the form to nominate!

Aron Placencia
Cindy Littlefield
Sr Consultant | The Bridge Group, Inc.

Thursday, September 12 | 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Networking Lunch & Roundtable Discussions

Thursday, September 12 | 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

Sales Coaching, the Methodology - Beyond Call Recordings and Deal Reviews

You’ve heard about how coaching impacts win rates and how to do call coaching. Now let’s step back and look at how a consistent approach to sales coaching helps reps onboard faster and enables managers to be great leaders. To get the most value from any professional development program, sales training, or sophisticated tech stack, effective coaching is critical to success.

In this session, we will discuss how to develop and run a coaching program. You will learn:

- Elements of a good coaching session and what to avoid for a bad coaching session
- How a structured coaching methodology complements call analysis and role plays
- How to use performance data in a coaching session
- How to use coaching during onboarding to speed ramp time
- How to make time for coaching

David Leinweber
CEO | LevelEleven

30 Actionable Prospecting Tactics That Will Increase Your Outbound Opportunities

From the team that averages double-digit reply rates, grab your pen and paper and get ready as Ryan O'Hara jumps in to a fury of actionable prospecting tactics your team can do to increase meetings. This will tackle things in social, email, phone, and maybe even a few surprise channels. Expect some laughs, some tears, and maybe (just maybe) the inspiration your team needs to book more meetings.

Ryan O'Hara
VP of Marketing/Growth | LeadIQ

Creating a Culture of Accountability

In this presentation, we will discuss specific best practices to build a culture of accountability both individually and in a leadership role.

We'll cover:
• How to emphasize the “right” activity along with focusing on results
• How to minimize blaming factors outside of your control that will enhance ownership
• How to tap into internal motivation to facilitate change
• How to move outside your comfort zone on a consistent basis

This interactive session will include real-life scenarios and specific techniques and exercises to build accountability from the ground up.

Matt Benelli
Managing Partner | Sandler

Idea Exchange: All Things Account Management

The deal is done and now the customer has been handed off to the Account Management team… now what?

Join this open forum discussion where we will discuss:

• Outlining and achieving your customer's goals
• Importance of long-term goals and growth strategies with your current customers
• The difference between customer service and account management
• Communication between sales and account management
• Understanding your customer's behaviors and needs

AA-ISP is currently seeking Account Managers to join this session and share expertise!

Christopher Basile
Director of Client Success | Nextiva
Alisa McDaniels
Manager, Channel Key Client Success | Nextiva
Mike Derlatka
Manager, Key Client Success | Nextiva

Thursday, September 12 | 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM

Leveraging Modern Selling & Modern Learning to Drive Sales Results

There’s a lot hype these days about “Modern This” and “Modern That.” What does Modern Selling even mean? And what is Modern Learning? And how can you get past the hype and combine these maxims to improve your Inside Sales performance and deliver profitable growth for your company?

Join this session to learn:
-Why it’s time for Inside Sales to make the critical shift to a modern, buyer-centric, value-based, and outcome-focused sales methodology
-How to use modern methods to deliver the skills training that’s required to support this mindset and behavioral shift in ways that meet the needs of today’s modern learners
-How to guide and support your Inside Sales force through this journey to get the results that you need

Mike Kunkle
VP, Sales Enablement Services | SPASIGMA
Doug Wyatt
Director of Sales Enablement | SPASIGMA

What 1.4 Million Proposals Can Teach You About Beating the Competition

Proposals - some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. Regardless of where your proposal politics lie, for most sales professionals, they’re essential to winning the sale and closing the deal. The challenge is that what makes a good or bad, winning or losing proposal remains largely a mystery. That’s why Kyle did a deep data dive into 1.4M proposals to discover all the juicy trends, hidden tips, and best practices of the most kick-ass proposals. Join this session to gain the info that could give your sales team the competitive edge to improve their proposals and close rate (and maybe you’ll get back to loving 'em.)

Kyle Racki
CEO / Co-Founder | Proposify

Idea Exchange: Selling to Executives/C-Level

Hear from a panel of executives on just what gets their attention when being prospected to, hear what they like, and what will sour a deal!

In addition, a few reps will get the chance to pitch their product or solution to the executive panel and hear ways to improve for optimal results!

Interest in joining this session? We are currently seeking panelists in positions including: VP, Procurement, CRO and reps who SELL to these leaders!

Jason Miller
Sr. Director of Global Business Development | Flywire Corporation
Kameron Hobbs
Sr. Director Global Marketing & Operations | AA-ISP

Thursday, September 12 | 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

Why You Need a Sales Playbook (and how to create one!)

Whether your Inside Sales team is made up of SDRs, AEs or CSMs, you want every rep to have great sales conversations. The challenge is that most of the tools, tactics, and messaging they need is spread across the organization and nearly impossible to locate and act upon. And, even if you've made the information easy to access, most of it is probably focused on your product, not buyer needs.

Whether you are looking to create a Sales Playbook for the first time, or strengthen your existing messaging, you will walk away with guidance to get you started.

In this session, Janet and Adam Johnson will cover:

• The key components of a Sales Playbook
• Who needs to be involved in the effort
• A quick and simple method for creating engaging messaging
• Tips on driving adoption

Janet Stucchi
Sr Consultant | The Bridge Group, Inc.
Adam Johnson
CRO | The Sales Developers

Always Be Qualifying: Challenging Alec Baldwin

In this presentation, we will cover effective qualifying practices, challenge the notion that a salesperson should "Always Be Closing", and discuss how effective qualifying can help you close more deals - faster!

We will also discuss how doing so will also protect your prospects from a bad experience while also protecting your organization from a bad review.

Topics will include how to:

• Identify qualified prospects before they know they are prospects
• Qualify a lead before your initial discussion
• Qualify a prospect during your initial meeting
• Identifying red-flags that a prospect may not be a good fit - and how to handle it quickly
• Quickly provide value to a prospect who is not an ideal prospect, and turn it into potential value for you

This session will include real-life examples and a takeaway qualifying checklist you and your teams can modify for your business.

Alexander Deris
Sales manager | Zoho Corp

How Leaders Can Support Growth and Retention to Build Inclusive Teams (and Great Sales Culture!)

During this session, Lori will share stories of how companies have successfully built their sales culture while retaining and hiring women reps and leaders. You'll hear about a startup, a mid-sized organization, and an enterprise-sized company. Within that, we will discuss two areas: finding / attracting / hiring and developing / retaining / promoting.

This is an interactive session, so bring your questions!

Lori Richardson
President | WOMEN Sales Pros

Thursday, September 12 | 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Idea Exchange: Best Practices for Leading People

As Inside Sales continues to grow in both size of teams and role diversification, leaders are faced with many challenges in creating and sustain a high-performing organization.

This consultative panel and open forum session will share leadership best practices around a variety of areas which include the following:
- Managing a diverse talent set including new reps straight out of college all the way through experienced senior reps
- Creating and sustaining a “people-first” culture
- Performance management including metrics that matter today
- Compensation plans that work
- Open Q&A – as participants, you will have plenty of time to pose questions to the panelists as well as offering your own ideas

AA-ISP is currently seeking sales leaders to join as panelists for this interactive session!

Idea Exchange: Tactical Tips to Increase Your Sales Performance

One of the best ways to learn is from the experience of others. During this interactive session, you can expect to learn tips, tricks, and best practices from top-performing AE’s in a variety of industries.

Topics we will discuss include:
• Time Management
• Negotiating and handling objections
• The handoff from sales development
• Our favorite tools and tech to help in our success
• How to tell when a deal is going south (and our tips on bringing it back around)

Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and their own tips to share in this lively roundtable discussion.

AA-ISP is currently seeking sales reps, account managers, SDR/BRS's and managers to join as panelists for this interactive session!

Ashley Gagliano
Executive Director, Global Sales & Services | AA-ISP
Tania Doub
Female Sales Leader, Author, Entrepreneur | Segment Account Executive and Independent Sales Consultant
Stacia Skinner
President/Founder | Creative Training Solutions, Ltd

Thursday, September 12 | 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM

Happy Hour in the Expo

Breakout Sessions

Times and Locations TBD

Building a Problem-Solving Sales Stack

Companies don't look for sales technologies just for the heck of it. They look for technologies in order to solve problems, whether that's needing to sell more, sell faster, to improve sales skills or any other business imperative.

In this session, we'll take you through a framework for building a problem-solving Sales Stack.

You'll learn:
• How to identify the biggest opportunities for a pay-back
• Factors that should go into prioritizing those opportunities
• How to create an action plan

Nancy Nardin
Co-Founder | Vendor Neutral
Dan Cilley
Co-Founder | Vendor Neutral


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Ashley Gagliano
Executive Director, Global Sales & Services
Bob Perkins
Founder & Chairman
Roy Raanani
CEO & Co-Founder
Amy Appleyard
Carbon Black, Inc.
SVP Global Inside Sales
Lars Fredrick Wold
Senior Vice President of Sales
Alex Tesfamicael
Enterprise Account Executive
Jacquie Bigot
Enterprise Account Executive
Shawn Fowler
Vice President of Sales Enablement
Aron Placencia
Cindy Littlefield
The Bridge Group, Inc.
Sr Consultant
David Leinweber
Ryan O'Hara
VP of Marketing/Growth
Christopher Basile
Director of Client Success
Alisa McDaniels
Manager, Channel Key Client Success
Mike Derlatka
Manager, Key Client Success
Matt Benelli
Managing Partner
Kyle Racki
CEO / Co-Founder
Mike Kunkle
VP, Sales Enablement Services
Doug Wyatt
Director of Sales Enablement
Jason Miller
Flywire Corporation
Sr. Director of Global Business Development
Kameron Hobbs
Sr. Director Global Marketing & Operations
Alexander Deris
Zoho Corp
Sales manager
Lori Richardson
WOMEN Sales Pros
Janet Stucchi
The Bridge Group, Inc.
Sr Consultant
Adam Johnson
The Sales Developers
Stacia Skinner
Creative Training Solutions, Ltd
Tania Doub
Segment Account Executive and Independent Sales Consultant
Female Sales Leader, Author, Entrepreneur
Nancy Nardin
Vendor Neutral
Dan Cilley
Vendor Neutral

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