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The Global Inside Sales Association, AA-ISP, announced today it has received a significant investment and formed a new partnership with B2B DecisionLabs, a leader in behavioral science-backed buying and selling research, tools and advisory services. The new venture will enable AA-ISP to accelerate its mission of taking Inside/Virtual/Digital Sales to the next level of professionalism and performance, according to Bob Perkins, founder of the AA-ISP.

"The Inside/Virtual/Digital selling motion is the way the majority of B2B buying cycles and decisions are taking place today," Perkins said. "For some companies that means converting more of their field sales to inside, and for others it means optimizing their inside approach. Regardless, there is greater need than ever for research-based insights, support tools, training, and technology solutions to make that happen."

"This investment and merger with B2B DecisionLabs will provide the AA-ISP community with new and expanded resources to address the challenges, growth opportunities and the transformation of their entire inside commercial effort from demand generation to selling to customer success and sales leadership," added Perkins.

The impact will be felt initially at the AA-ISP’s annual Leadership Summit March 8-10, 2022 in Chicago (https://www.aa-isp.org/leadership-summit-2022) where a new, dedicated research track has been added featuring the latest buyer decision research from B2B DecisionLabs.

Potential topics include:

  • Acquisition vs Expansion. Different Buying Psychology. Different Stories. Different Skills.
  • Made You Look. Science-backed Ways to Grab and Keep Attention in Virtual Meetings.
  • Why Forgive? A Research-Proven Framework for Apologizing After a Service Problem.
  • Overcoming Value Parity. Differentiating Your Message with Telling Details.
  • Standing Out in the Inbox. How Personalized Video Can Improve Impact in Prospecting.

Other areas where the AA-ISP and B2B DecisionLabs venture expects to enhance the inside selling community is through:

  1. Ongoing, exclusive research projects and content for Association members focused on the unique needs of insde/digital/virtual customer-facing teams
  2. Additional tools, templates, frameworks proven in academically rigorous buyer behavioral and brain studies to improve customer conversations
  3. Certified playbooks and experience-based insights developed in real-world, controlled field trials conducted inside actual companies in live customer engagements
  4. Updated training and certification programs leveraging these findings as part of the Association’s commitment to professional development
  5. Expert advisory access and coaching services providing members with access to insights and feedback from a range of researchers, practitioners, leaders with proven track records

"B2B DecisionLabs is engaged in a wide range of live experiments and implementations, providing us with ongoing data from thousands of buyers, tens of thousands of sellers, and hundreds of companies every day of the year. This type of research goes beyond traditional survey methods of other research and advisory practices by tapping into live customer and prospect interactions and their resulting outcomes," says Tim Riesterer, founder and chief visionary at B2B DecisionLabs. "This will provide AA-ISP members with more practical, proven approaches they can apply with confidence that it will deliver the desired impact.

"And because we’ve actually implemented and lived with the results of these programs, our content, tools and advisory experts come from a more hands-on perspective, with a sense of accountability for the coaching and feedback they provide," Riesterer adds.

About the AA-ISP
Bringing together growth-oriented sales leaders, sales reps, marketing professionals, customer success, and revenue executives, the AA-ISP provides workshops, conferences, chapter meetups, research, and other resources to help its members better understand industry trends, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

About B2B DecisionLabs
B2B DecisionLabs is the only B2B research firm dedicated to studying how decision makers frame value and make choices. Unlike traditional market research and advisory firms, B2B DecisionLabs conducts rigorous research studies based in several Decision Science disciplines.

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