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The AA-ISP Service Provider Directory connects Inside Sales people with industry focused service providers.

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Ombud is an automated response management platform that accelerates the completion of RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, and security questionnaires.


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Marchex provides solutions that help companies reveal sales intelligence, conversion rates, missed revenue transparency, opportunities for sales coaching and marketing effectiveness. Marchex maximizes every call to gain clarity and increase revenue.


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Scale up your sales coaching with Second Nature’s sales coaching software. It provides a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, score them, and help them improve on their own.


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Reps know what to say, but not necessarily how to say it. TalkMeUp’s communication effectiveness training and reinforcement platform allows you to learn, practice, and receive instant feedback on key communication skills-in their natural workflow.


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Rattle is the #1 revenue automation system for modern revenue leaders. Unlock customer insights, increase data accuracy, and build predictable forecasts with Rattle.


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With Q for Sales, you gain real-time customer sentiment & engagement insights to boost performance in every meeting and throughout every deal. Q helps sales teams “read the room,” and identify key moments to better understand their customers & market


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From Talent Acquisition to Talent Management, SHL’s solutions and platform provide your organization with the power and scale to build out your business with the skilled, motivated, and energized workforce you need.

Growth Accelerators, Inc.

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Growth Accelerators is a consulting firm that helps companies measure and articulate value. Our software product, MotionROI, helps companies measure the revenue impact of tools, tactics, and training.

The Sales Cadence

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We have eliminated the BDR/SDR hiring problem. Introducing the Digital Business Developer. Consider your world disrupted.

B2B DecisionLabs

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B2B DecisionLabsis the only B2B research firm dedicated to studying how decision-makers frame value and make choices. Unlike traditional market research and advisory firms, B2B DecisionLabs conducts rigorous research studies.


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A disruptive and innovative SaaS platform that matches tech-focused sales and service professionals with great employers (and vice versa).


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Everstage is a no-code commissions automation platform.

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