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Aircover provides powerful, real-time, in-meeting tools to help reps win more deals.

Aircover provides powerful, real-time, in-meeting sales tools to help reps win more deals.

By integrating directly with your virtual meeting software, such as Zoom, the Aircover platform joins your call, guiding sellers in real-time through every customer interaction. Aircover is providing actionable content that is built into the flow of your meetings to help sellers maximize performance: relationship management, real-time battlecards, conversational AI for objection handling, action item tracking, and scheduling.

Aircover also integrates with your CRM, such as Salesforce, to surface key deal insights to Sales and Sales Management. Sales Enablement can also use these insights to develop their training and enablement programs. Because Aircover has the call transcript and its conversational AI service, it is able to detect important moments of the call, helping reps take better notes and automatically logging them directly into their CRM.

Sales teams leverage Aircover to reduce ramp-time of new reps by making them an expert on day 1, provide a better buyer experience leading to increased conversion, and reduce sales cycle time.

For more information, visit us at aircover.ai/ and follow us on LinkedIn.

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