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CheetahIQ delivers critical sales insights to reduce the time spent on research, improve relevance and drive personalization. We help salespeople increase productivity, build deeper connections and improve sales results.

Be More Relevant. Be More Productive.
CheetahIQ is a sales intelligence solution that improves sales research efficiency, enhances business connections and drives a more effective sales process. Cheetah delivers B2B salespeople a research solution that provides immediate access to critical insights from news, social, and financial sources, greatly reducing the time spent on research, helping salespeople build deeper connections and ultimately improving sales outcomes.

Discover. Connect. Convert.
- Find information that others don’t have to stay ahead of your competition.
- Be relevant and personal to improve connections with your prospects.
- Convert more deals more quickly with a deeper understanding of your customers.

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Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2020
# of Employees: 1 - 25
Regions Served: USA & Canada

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