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About Factor 8

Factor 8 is an award-winning sales & management training firm catering only to inside sales. This isn’t your old boss’s field training! Every class is written specifically for the challenges we face working our books, getting a hold of decision makers & keeping their attention, getting call backs, and showing value over the phone.

We’re best known for putting Reps live on the phones getting results during training. Our Expert Advisors put 15+ years of inside sales experience to work coaching your team’s messaging and delivery. Then we train your Managers to keep Rep skills alive.

Regularly getting 30 – 70% uplifts in revenue and up to 300% increase in quota attainment has kept our clients coming back and making Factor 8 a 100% repeat, referral, and inbound business. New for 2017: We’re proud to announce new tracks for Business Development, ISE, Acquisition, Account Management, Inbound, and Customer Success/ Cross-sell Up-sell.

If it’s time to get more revenue from your headcount, visit our booth or www.factor8.com.

Customer Feedback


Regina Manfredi was fantastic! The provided approach was absolutely above and beyond any sales training I have ever had. I have had sales training from multiple fortune 500 companies and there is no comparison. If you want to boost performance, be ready to forget everything that you do in sales and call Factor 8.

Posted by Jonathan on Aug 10th, 2017.

Next Level Training

Regina Manfredi, effectively teaches in key concepts working a mixture of real world and classroom learning. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Posted by Jorge Solis on Aug 10th, 2017.

Factor 8 Training by Regina Manfredi

The training provided by Regina with Factor 8 has been amazing. The sales processes and tips given are really great. The really help with being more of a consultant than just another sales person. I would highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to improve their sales.

Posted by Thomas Bielke on Aug 10th, 2017.

Training @ The SALT Group

I can see myself contributing more by using Factor 8. I really liked how Regina was able to get every aspect of this process.

Posted by jeff chandler on Aug 10th, 2017.

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Factor 8
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