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What’s keeping your organization from hitting the number? If it’s the team’s ability to execute, whether poor messaging, undefined process, lack of skills, or gap in leadership, we may be able to help.

ASLAN is built by inside sales leaders for inside sales leaders. Therefore, we provide much more than training. We get to know your organization and your desired destination. Then we help you get there by:

ꞏ Bridging gaps in your existing training programs because there are 18 unique challenges when you are not in person
ꞏ Improving how you communicate your solution to varied, levels of decision makers
ꞏ Developing a customer focused approach to managing an opportunity, account, or territory
ꞏ Certifying your leadership to drive change
ꞏ Providing tools to automate and simplify coaching and rep development

It starts with a no cost assessment where we benchmark your organization against the hundreds we have worked with over the last 20 years. As a result, you receive a Sales Execution Index (SEI) score and a recommended road map to improve performance.

If you are skeptical, we get it. We were too, at first. But we have found it’s the most effective way to help you determine the value and need for our solution. Bottom line, for us, it’s a risk worth taking.

In 1996, ASLAN was started by a group of sales leaders who were passionate about helping organizations answer the toughest questions related to sales force execution:
1. How do you build an onboarding program that will attract and keep top talent and shorten the ramp time to quota?
2. There are eleven unique roles in sales, how do you create a simple and sustainable training curriculum that addresses the challenges of each unique role?
3. How to move people from denial, fear, and blame shifting, to ignite the desire to change?
4. In a large organization, how do you shift from delivering a training event to transforming a sales organization?
5. Since most managers don’t have bandwidth or the ability to drive change, how can you simplify coaching, make it systematic, and build it into the culture?
Answering these questions through the lens of what ultimately drives results, has led us to create tactical solutions that immediately change the way leaders lead, trainers train, and people sell.

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ASLAN Training and Development
375 Northridge Rd
Atlanta, GA 30350


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