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About TopOPPS

TopOPPS is a fresh and proven solution to help B2B companies close more deals and faster while reducing sales costs. It replaces antiquated methods of forecasting and pipeline management with predictive analytics and machine learning to help sales teams hit their number. TopOPPS is also used to align sales forces and highlight coaching opportunities while reducing the time and effort in these areas by an order of magnitude.

Customer Feedback

Sales Pipeline

Good app for sales forecast

Posted by Ugesh Gali on Apr 12th, 2016.

Top Notch

Great product, really useful.

Posted by Steve on Apr 4th, 2016.


I am an investor in and a user of TopOPPS. The product has exceeded our expectations in its ability to help us predict sales rep success and forecast quarterly financial objectives for our portfolio companies.

Posted by Brian Matthews on Apr 1st, 2016.

Take your sales org to the Next Level

TopOPPS eliminates the chaos and uncertainty usually associated with sales. TopOPPS will transform your Sales Org with the combination of elegant UX/UI and data driven insights it provides. The ability for the tool to help sales representatives drive deals, management forecast closes as well as sales operations be more effective is outstanding. Great tool and great services.

Posted by Samuel Cummings on Apr 1st, 2016.

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