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RevenueGrid is an AI-driven sales engagement platform for organizations looking to personalize their multichannel outreach at scale. Uncover new revenue intelligence and guide sales with the help of rule-based alerts and automatic data capture.

Sales Sequences

Nurture and prospect at scale with the right timing, channel and sequence type. All with a full understanding of your opportunities’ health score, effort rating and ROI.

Revenue Signals

Design AI suggestions called Revenue Signals around your own sales processes to uncover revenue opportunities and guide teams to close more deals.

Revenue Signals can be rule-based according to your best practices, workflows or playbooks. Validate your pipeline with opportunity heatmaps and deliver better quality coaching with team analytics.

CRM Integration

Work side by side with your CRM and email without leaving RevenueGrid. The AI data capture system delivers sequence and engagement data to the right CRM record. You can also automatically create new leads in your CRM from email data or calendar events or reflect new email or calendar events in CRM.

Based on the Invisible.io platform, RevenueGrid supports deep integrations with industry giants such as Salesforce, Outlook, Exchange, Google, Gmail, and more. For more information, visit www.revenuegrid.com

Customer Feedback

Knowledge Center Contributions:

Benchmark Report From BC (Before Coronavirus) to AD (After Domestication): Impact on Pipeline

Company Facts:

Year Founded: 2015
# of Employees: 26 - 100
Regions Served: International

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