The Community & Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the AA-ISP is simple and focused: Helping advance Virtual Sales to the Next Level of Professionalism and Performance.

Who We Are

The AA-ISP is a global community dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Virtual Sales. Our mission is to help virtual sales reps and leaders leverage our peer community and resources through published content, local chapters, community research and benchmarking, global conferences, career development, and virtual sales training/certification programs for all levels.

Our Community

"The AA-ISP has assembled the best peer community and resources that exist today in the Inside and digital Sales world, with a passionate group of professionals who push for solutions for consultative virtual sellers. From thriving local chapters to online resources and benchmarking, I’ve relied on and trusted the AA-ISP to elevate Inside Sales organizations’ talent, strategy, and results, and they deliver."
Rachel Zweck
Sr. Manager – Account Representatives

The growing community includes a variety of Virtual roles:

Reps - SDR/BDR, Account Managers, Account Executives, Channel & Distribution, Renewal, Field

Leaders - Managers, Sales Directors, VP’s, C-Level

Supporting Roles - Enablement, Sales Support, Customer Success, Sales Training, Operations, Marketing, and other cross functions


AA-ISP welcomes all industries to join the community. Among many others, below is sampling of industries:

SaaS/Software, Technology, Business Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Media/Internet, Insurance, Finance, Telecommunications, Transportation, Hospitality, etc.

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